“You’re wasting Your Time” – Boity addresses Those trying to Demonize her Beliefs

youre wasting your time boity addresses those trying to demonize her beliefs
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Source: Boity/ Instagram

Wuz Dat” crooner Boity is a proud Africanist and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. If you are looking for her to change her beliefs to please you, you may have to wait for ever. Boity, who last year dismissed claims someone write hers verses, had qualified as a sangoma (traditional healer) years back and carries the title with pride.

On January 18, she had dished out a message to those who hate her on the basis of her beliefs. They are all wasting their time.

Source: Boity/ Instagram

If you’re going to try and demonize me for believing in my ancestors and the journey they have placed me on, you’re wasting your time. And stop trying to send me to get reprimanded by White Jesus who claims the people who birthed my family are demons. Asomblief. Thanks.” She tweeted recently.

Unlike those who are uncertain about their beliefs, Boity, who dropped the visuals to “Wuz Dat” in December last year, has no uncertainty whatsoever. Of her great grandparents she is very sure. She cannot say the say of Abraham of the Christians.

Not sure who Abraham is but I’m very certain who my great x 3 parents are.” She added in another tweet.

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