Depression and Hospitalization, Gigi Lamayne Speaks On Past Life experiences

depression and hospitalization gigi lamayne speaks on past life experiences
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Source: Gigi Lamayne/ Instagram

Gigi Lamayne is one of many South African artistes who had gone through a depressive phase (and actually survived). One may add “Tito Mboweni” hitmaker Cassper Nyovest as one of such.

Gigi Lamayne, who released “Bozza” (featuring Kwesta last year), had suffered depression for over 7 seven years. She had an especially bad case pf depression last year and came close to taking her own life.

She survived that phase and even made a promised, after her hospitalization, to love herself some more. She has indeed been showing herself love and even extending the  love to others, who may suffer similar problems, via her talk series #GigiGangDay.

This week, speaking to Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu over her hospitalization, Gigi Lamayne had observed that counseling had helped her, as had her friends and family.


p class=”wp-caption-text”>Source: Gigi Lamayne/ Instagram

Counseling has helped. I know that my family and friends have had to adjust to a lot of things. I appreciate memes now. I enjoy memes. It is about enjoying the little things of life that I had forgotten. I have started meditating and reading up about depression,” she said.

She has been helped by her reading too. And the knowledge such as she received from her reading she would share via her talk series.

It is pleasant to know she is still around. South Africa would never have been blessed with “Bozza” is her suicidal ideation had pushed her over the cliff.

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